The desire of every living being is to live free and build relationships according to its nature and needs.

This is true for each animal, not only for the ones we share our lives with, such as dogs and cats. According to different cultures, we have placed animals in different categories.

We have designed animals that are killed for their meat and their fur, exploited for their milk, tortured for experiments, cuddled as pets… meanwhile they would only like to be animals.

tofu il toro di magnago presso vitadacani onlus

All animals are aware of the reality that surrounds them, they can feel pain, fear, boredom, frustration. Their life has an intrinsic value independent of their value or use to man. They are not inferior beings, nor resources to exploit. First of all, we need to recognize how much suffering is caused to animals every day in farms and slaughterhouses, and in other places where they are kept prisoners for life.

Their suffering is often invisible, deliberately kept hidden from people’s eyes. If only we bear in mind that they feel emotions and possess natural needs and behaviors, we can understand how their imprisonment, abuse and killing is an injustice.

The decision not to be part of this exploitation and to stop using animal-derived products arises from these thoughts.

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The vegan choice is not a trend. It’s a way to put into practice our awareness, to criticize a social model that is based on the exploitation of the weakest and the devastation of this planet.

To be vegan does not only mean not eating meat, eggs or dairy products. It means fighting the logic that conceives every living being as a part of a continuous cycle of production and consumption that only benefits few.

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At first, it seems impossible. How can one give up meat and cheese? How can one go without leather shoes? How can one find a detergent or soap that is not tested on animals or that does not contain animal-derived products?

Each of these questions has an answer that will surprise you in its simplicity and creativity. Find out how easy it can be at MiVeg, where you can taste exciting cruelty-free food, attend conferences, workshops and seminars on cooking, handcrafting and animal rights activism.