MiVeg is a place where delicious cruelty-free food, conferences, music, workshops on cooking, nutrition and handcrafting come together with the animal rights movement.

It’s a place where you can connect mind and body, combine fun and learning and try wide range of activities.


Thousands of people visit us every year to discover a new world based on the respect of all animals

When: Saturday, 20th October from 10:00 am to 12:00 am

& Sunday, 21th from 9.30 am to 10.30 pm

Will you be there?

You will find many organizations that fight for animal rights and entrepreneurs that sell vegan products.

We exclusively prepare vegan food, most of which comes from local and organic farming.


Animals are sentient beings just like us, they are aware of the reality that surrounds them, they can feel pain, fear, boredom, frustration.

Their life has an intrinsic value independent of their value or use to man. They are not inferior beings, nor resources to exploit.


MiVeg will take place also thanks to the firms that share our ethical approach and have decided to support us.



Vitadacani was founded in Arese (MI) in 1992 and since 2001 is a no-profit organization that fights for and defends animal rights. Our goal is animal liberation. We oppose abandonment, straying, vivisection, importation and animal trafficking and any kind of exploitation and abuse.